AGE Industries Ltd
About Us

AGE Industries was founded by Arthur G. Eltzroth in 1974. 

Arthur G. Eltzroth  

AGE proudly celebrates over 35 years of service to a broad line of business with a diverse line of packaging products and materials. AGE's core products are corrugated boxes and inserts, spiral wound fiber tubes, folding cartons, chipboard partitions, wood pallets, crates and shipping room supplies.


The corporate office of AGE Industries  is in Cleburne, Texas, south of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.  AGE has several facilities in Texas, Arkansas, and Mexico. These facilities serve a market area that includes all of Texas, parts of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana and many Maquiladora /Mexican National Industries from Juarez to Matamoras to Monterrey, Mexico.


Customer service is of the utmost importance to everyone at AGE Industries and our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers.  We provide the highest quality packaging products at competitive prices to companies of all sizes.  Contact AGE Industries today for expert packaging solutions.


Our Initiatives to Improve Our Environment with Sustainability


As manufacturers, we take our responsibility in protecting the environment very seriously.  We manufacture and distribute a variety of ecologically friendly products that are derived from recycled materials, and we promote processes and innovation that will achieve an environmentally "sustainable" future for our planet. 


A Sustainable Business employs an operational strategy that strives to maximize effectiveness in saving and recycling our natural resources.  Sustainable business practices restore environmental quality and build social equity, while increasing long-term profitability. Throughout history, industry has increased its degradation of the environment through the exploitation of natural resources and the release of hazardous pollution. At the same time, business has spent billions of dollars complying with governmental regulations aimed at decreasing the amount of toxic substances entering the landfills, air, and water


Years ago, a movement began within industry to change the way companies operate. These changes include the elimination of hazardous chemicals and waste, and treating employees and communities favorably. The same business practices that save and increase social and environmental resources also improve the long-term profitability of companies. These strategies have provided the foundation for a new and ecologically based industrial revolution.  Today, there are no truly sustainable companies; however, many companies are on the path to sustainability.


AGE Industries desires to aid in the new industrial transformation and reduce our manufacturing carbon footprint which will help lead to a more sustainable world.


In 1998, AGE Industries began a recycling program of all waste and residual byproducts that resulted from our manufacturing processes.  We have invested in specialized equipment and systems that retrieve excess waste resulting from our machines and manufacturing processes.  The trim, along with other scrap and waste is bundled and baled.  It is then recycled, saving landfill space and protecting our valuable natural resources.


We continue to strive and initiate sustainable practices that will allow us to reach our goal of 100% of all waste and byproducts created will be recycled to make useful and safe products.



Charitable Contributions 

Our company participates and leads in giving back to our communities.  Each year we sponsor and contribute to charitable causes, programs, and food drives to foster goodwill and assist our communities.